SLOVAKIA 2.0, episode HONORARY CITIZEN (Čestný občan; 10 min.; Slovakia)



HABERMANN (Habermannův mlýn; 104 min.; Czech Republic, Germany, Austria)



THE GIRL AND THE MAGICIAN (Dívka a kouzelník; 95 min.; Czech Republic) - TV

DARKNESS (T.M.A., 111 min.; Czech Republic, Slovakia)



LOVE THY NEIGHBOR (Miluj bližního svého; 55 min.; Czech Republic) - TV



BLACK BARONS (Černí baroni; 11x51 min.; Czech Republic) - TV

SECRET DREAMS (Tajné sny; 80 min.; Czech Republic)- TV



THE POLITICIAN AND THE ACTRESS (Politik a herečka; 79 min.; Czech Republic) - TV

EXPERIMENT (Experiment; 51 min.; Czech Republic) - TV



SPERLING AND THE SLEEPING GIRL (Der Sperling und das schlafende Mädchen; 87 min., Germany) - TV



MAIGRET SETS A TRAP (Maigret tend un piège; 96 min.; France, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic) - TV

PASSAGE (Pasáž; 98; 110 min.; Czech Republic, France, Belgium)



THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES (Des Kaiser neue Kleider; 91 min.; Germany, Czech Republic)

MAIGRET AND A MAN'S HEAD (Maigret et la tête d'un homme; 96 min.; France, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic)



LARA: MY LIFE WITH BORIS PASTERNAK (Lara - Meine Jahre mit Boris Pasternak; 86 min.; Germany) - TV documentary

VISION 2000: PRESIDENT HAVEL (Vize 2000: Prezident Havel; 54 min.; Germany, Czech Republic) - TV documentary 



DUMB AUGUSTINE (Die dumme Augustine; 87 min.; Germany)



THE FROG KING (Froschkönig; 90 min.; Germany, Czechoslovakia)

WOLFGANG (Wolfgang; 3x47 min.; Austria, Germany) - TV



AUGUST '39 - ELEVEN DAYS BETWEEN FREEDOM AND WAR (August´39 - Elf Tage zwischen Frieden und Krieg; 12x15 min.; Germany) - TV



LOVE IS STRONGER THAN DEATH (Liebe ist stärker als der Tod; 90 min.; Germany) - TV



GAGMAN (6x30 min.; Czechoslovakia, Germany) - TV



GALOSHES OF HAPPINESS (Galoše šťastia; 92 min.; Czechoslovakia, Germany)



CAUGHT BY NIGHT (Zastihla mě noc; 130 min.; Czechoslovakia)



SWEET TROUBLES (Sladké starosti; 85 min.; Czechoslovakia)



MAGPIE IN THE HAND (Straka v hrsti; 96 min.; Czechoslovakia)



FERAT VAMPIRE (Upír z Feratu; 93 min.; Czechoslovakia)

BULLDOGS AND CHERRIES (Buldoci a třešně; 99 min.; Czechoslovakia)



FRAGILE RELATIONSHIPS (Křehké vztahy; 83 min.; Czechoslovakia) 



BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Panna a netvor; 84 min.; Czechoslovakia)

THE NINTH HEART (Deváté srdce; 88 min.; Czechoslovakia)



A DAY FOR MY LOVE (Den pro mou lásku; 88 min.; Czechoslovakia)



A GIRL FIT TO BE KILLED (Holka na zabití; 102 min.; Czechoslovakia) 



GIRLS FROM THE PORCELAIN FACTORY (Holky z porcelánu; 98 min.; Czechoslovakia) 



THE WANDERING ENGELBERT (Toulavý Engelbert; 65 min.; Czechoslovakia) - TV 



PLOSKOVICE NOCTURNE (Ploskovické nokturno; 26 min.; Czechoslovakia) 

WILLIAM THE BAKER AND CHARMING NADYA (Pekař Vilém a sličná Naďa; 7 min.; Czechoslovakia) - TV 

MORGIANA (99 min.; Czechoslovakia)

TOUCH OF A BUTTERFLY (Dotek motýla; 50 min.; Czechoslovakia) - TV



OIL LAMPS (Petrolejové lampy; 101 min.; Czechoslovakia)

NIGHTMARES OF NAĎA URBÁNKOVÁ (Noční můry Nadi Urbánkové; 25 min.; Czechoslovakia) - TV 



THE CAT (Kočka; 90 min.; Czechoslovakia) - TV



SWEET GAMES OF LATE SUMMER (Sladké hry minulého léta; 66 min.; Czechoslovakia) - TV



THE CREMATOR (Spalovač mrtvol; 95 min.; Czechoslovakia)



THE LIMPING DEVIL (Kulhavý ďábel; 80 min.; Czechoslovakia)



SIGN OF CANCER (Znamení raka; 87min.; Czechoslovakia)


THE JUNK SHOP (Sběrné surovosti; 31 min.; Czechoslovakia)





Portrait of Juraj Herz by Marek Mrviš,

(c) SITA  >>>

CAUGHT BY NIGHT (Zastihla mě noc, 1985)
FERAT VAMPIRE (Upír z Feratu, 1981)
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Panna a netvor, 1978)
THE JUNK SHOP (Sběrné surovosti, 1965) THE JUNK SHOP (Sběrné surovosti, 1965) A work of nonstop invention set over the course of a single day at a paper recycling facility frequented by oddballs, including manager and aesthete Bohoušek, based on Bohumil Hrabal's life and a story from his book Pearls of the Deep. SIGN OF CANCER (Znamení raka, 1966) SIGN OF CANCER (Znamení raka, 1966) A warped detective story that begins with a murder in a hospital, the investigation of which reveals rampant incompetence, the film’s implicitly critical depiction of a public service sector overloaded with underqualified Party stooges would land Herz in trouble with censors for what was not to be the last time. New subtitles! THE CREMATOR (Spalovač mrtvol, 1969) THE CREMATOR (Spalovač mrtvol, 1969) Herz's masterpiece, in a new digital restoration released by Janus Films in North America, is set in 1930s Prague, where Nazi ideology hangs as thick as the charnel fumes over the crematorium run by the troubled Karel Kopfrkingl. This macabre and harrowing work of psychological and social breakdown was banned after its 1969 debut only to re-emerge and garner deserved praise twenty years later. OIL LAMPS (Petrolejové lampy, 1971) OIL LAMPS (Petrolejové lampy, 1971) Contender for the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1972, this early 20th Century period piece is set in a provincial town, Jilemnice, that’s riven by repressed desire and smoldering secrets. Herz plumbs deep within the psychology of his characters in this gripping and gorgeous film, which investigates the rot beneath the decoration and decorum of the Secession era. New subtitles! MORGIANA (1972) MORGIANA (1972) A Gothic drama about two sisters, Klára and Viktorie—both played by Iva Janžurová, in an amazing double-role performance—are put at loggerheads when the sweet, vapid Klára receives the better part of their father’s sprawling estate and the love of the man that Viktorie adores, leading the spurned sibling to venomous thoughts of murder.  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Panna a netvor, 1978) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Panna a netvor, 1978) A tale you’ll know well—innocent girl presents herself as sacrifice to a cursed, freakish beast living in isolation, and learns to live with and love her captor—but turned into something very different in Herz’s morbid imagining. New subtitles! FERAT VAMPIRE (Upír z Feratu, 1981) FERAT VAMPIRE (Upír z Feratu, 1981) A satire on consumerism, a potent piece of anti-automobile propaganda, and perhaps the purest horror exercise that Herz produced. Starring the excellent Jiří Menzel (the Oscar winning film director) in the lead role of Dr. Marek. New subtitles! CAUGHT BY NIGHT (Zastihla mě noc, 1985) CAUGHT BY NIGHT (Zastihla mě noc, 1985) Conceived as a biography of Communist journalist Jožka Jabůrková, a victim of Ravensbrück, Herz went his own way, creating a nauseously stylized vision of hell on earth that is, with Wanda Jakubowska’s 1948 The Last Stage, one of only two fiction films made by a camp survivor about the experience.  GOLDEN SIXTIES: JURAJ HERZ (Zlatá šedesátá, dir. Martin Šulík, 2009) GOLDEN SIXTIES: JURAJ HERZ (Zlatá šedesátá, dir. Martin Šulík, 2009) An illuminating portrait of Juraj Herz from a 27-part TV series about masters of the Czechoslovak New Wave.


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